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Date: 2010-06-01 17:57:35
Mixed articles

The second ban on Rojhalat weekly should be revoked The editor in chief of Rojhalat, the Kurdish-Farsi weekly, has announced in recent days that the paper’s license has been revoked. This paper which was initially banned in Mehr 1385 » Read more..
Iranian theocratic regime continues to execute Kurds Iranian theocratic regime continues to execute Kurds (November 8, 2009). According to several Reliable Human Rights Organizations in Iran, Ehsan (Esma’il) Fattahian (also spelled Fa » Read more..
Kort om PSKs parti program PSK er et ubevæpnet, demokratisk parti som jobber for fred og menneskerettigheter. PSK er et parti for alle kurdere i Øst-Kurdistan som tror på et selvstendig Kurdistan, uavhengig av reli » Read more..
A little about the PSK Throughout history, the Kurdish nation has been subjected to massacres andpersecution by Arabs and other Muslims, and have never received equal rights from the populations who suppressed and discriminated them. » Read more..
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