conference in which the issue of oppressed Iranian nationalities is addressed and a mechanism can be created by which consensus among the responsible groups present at this conference can be reached on this issue.From Mr. Aref : leader the Party of Independence for Kurdistan.
Respected Attendees, Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you all warmly.

It is a pleasure to be attending a conference in which the issue of oppressed Iranian nationalities is addressed and a mechanism can be created by which consensus among the responsible groups present at this conference can be reached on this issue.

Today, it is clear that advancement in science and technological achievements has accelerated social and economical development globally. However, the totalitarian regimes have failed to respond to the humanitarian needs of the people while resorting to chaos and violence has become their only option.

Such regimes, based on their expressed political agenda, centralization of power and creation of a homogenous identity through forced assimilation is their active plan for creating a perpetuate control over the society diverse nationalities under their control.

In societies living within and under a Democratic framework, the question of national identity of constituencies is on the path to peaceful resolution. However, in other parts of the world, particularly in the Middle East, there are regimes with a culture of ultra-nationalism, religious fanaticism, aggression and occupation that have denied the basic needs and human rights of the people.

A perfect example of such regimes is the Islamic Republic of Iran. Due to its theocratic power, all nationalities in Iran are under more oppression and assimilative process that ever before. This is because the Islamic regime of Iran, day by day is facing a growing thread to its survival both from within and from without.

This theocratic regime of Iran, by sensationalizing and overplaying the role of its nuclear technology, is trying to create a physiological myth that it can withstand an external thread while it has failed to face the growing internal challenges from within. Furthermore, in addition to the policies of chaos and kicking up international row over the nuclear standoff, they have become an obstacle to real economic and social development for the people of Iran.

This regime, continues to resist democratic reform, and behind the veil of pan-iranism and Islamic brotherhood, has hidden its agenda of Persian ultra nationalism by which continues to further suppress and exploit the national rights of the Kurds and Kurdistan and other nationalities.

In this respect, they are following the footsteps of the Persian nationalism rooted in the Pahlavi era and his defunct policies of modernism of Iran regardless to ethnic make up of the country.

Today, the Persian mullahs, under the cover of the Islamic robe, they continue to pursue their racist policies of assimilation not only toward the Kurds, but also toward the Baluch, Arabs, Turkmen and Azeri’s.

The Islamic regime of Iran, has determined that the strongest factor in their survival and perpetuate grip to power is through strengthening of Persian nationalism, and rapid assimilation policies particularly in Kurdistan, under the banner of pan-Iranism and Islamic cover.

The regime in Tehran has created a system of discrimination among the Iranian nationalities which has affected political, cultural and economic life of the people, particularly among the Kurds in Kurdistan. If at any time, the Kurds demand their inalienable rights to self-determination, the Islamic regime are there to answer such demand with severest response.

Thus the regime in Tehran, in one hand takes the wealth of the Iranian people particularly the Kurdish wealth, to help international terrorist organization, and in the other hand use this wealth to keep the Kurds and other nationalities oppressed.

Respected members of the audience,

Eastern Kurdistan, or the Kurdistan under the occupation of the terrorist state of Iran, is a part of the Greater Kurdistan whose population is close to fifty million strong.

History has witnessed many times partitioning of the Greater Kurdistan, particularly during the well known period of Chalderan War, in 1514 and the WWI, in 1919 and treaty of Luzianne.

The part of Kurdistan occupied by Iran has the population of 11 to 13 million with an area of land that is close to 200,000 square km.

It is clear that on the road to self-determination, Kurds have sacrificed dearly and the most. From the assignation of the Kurdish political leaders in the European capitols, to the assimilation policies of the Kurdish culture and change demographic of 11 to 13 million Kurds in the Kurdish states such as Kermanshah, Ilam, Luristan, Sanandaj, Uromyeh, Horaman and Mukran are just a few clear examples.

In the competitive region of the Middle East, Kurds are becoming an effective force for the engine of democracy that will transform the Middle East.

In Iraq, Kurds are strong proponents of the foundation for Federalism. Likewise, in Turkey the Democratic movement is driven by the Kurdish movement. In Syria, it is the Kurdish movement that carries the promise of a democratic mission.

In Iran, Kurds consider themselves to have played a pivotal role standing against a totalitarian central governments in Tehran and can play a pivotal role in the future changes that will come to that country.

Dear participants of the conference:

We as the Party of Independence for Kurdistan believe that the best solution to the Iranian Nationalities issue is that each and every nation shall have the right to exercise their rights to self determination and have an independent country and government.

As the result of any future change, holding of Iran on an artificial bases, will just prolongs the same situation which has existed in the aftermath of many regime changes of the past.

If all nationalities of Iran, each could establish their own independent states along side one another, then political stability and peace will be the outcome of such coexistence.
The best examples for the oppressed and occupied land of nationalities in Iran so that they would live in peace and freedom, are the states that were born out of the dismantling of former Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union.

Among these newly created nations, only the Chechnia has not achieve self-determination which continues to be source of instability and violence in that part of the world.

We as the Party of Independence for Kurdistan, believe, that there is no other alternative than Independence for the Iranian Nationalities of Kurds, Baluch, Arab, Turkmen and Azeris with each having the full rights of enjoying full independence in their own land.

In support of this truth, we the Party of Independence of Kurdistan, solemnly demand from the United Nations, in which this great country of Canada is a member of, after the process of liberation of these occupied lands and nations in Iran, to conduct a referendum in Kurdistan and among other Nationalities in Iran, and under the auspices of the Country of Canada, to determine whether these nationalities wish to remain a part of Iran, or choose the path of self-determination and independence?

The Middle East is now competitively polarized between the forces of Democracy and change vs. the reactionary forces of terror and religious fanaticism.
Caught between these forces are the political regimes in the Middle East who on one hand are incapable to responding to the growing needs of their population, on the other hand have decided to become an obstacle in the path of change and democratic reform.

Since these regimes have no plan to initiate these changes on their own, therefore, the changes will have to be imposed on them internally and from outside forces having economics and political interests in the region.

This process of transformation requires unrelenting efforts by the forces of democracy for both inside and outside of Iran.

Toward this, it is necessary that the Independent minded Iranian Nationalities to form a common platform for the sole purpose of freeing themselves from under the yoke of the Islamic Regime of Iran through an implementable and working mechanism.

Such an outcome, of curse will remove the threat of Iran in becoming a nuclear power which if acquired, can threaten the entire world with.

Furthermore, if the world decides to stand with in action against the Iranian regime, the rising internal problems will force the regime toward change in which it has no choice but to make in order to prevent further chaos and violence. Under this situation, for the international community Nuclear issue must not be the only issue to exert pressure on Iran, but defending the rights of the nationalities must take precedent.

Finally, I want to reiterate, that we the Independent Party for Kurdistan, are ready to work and cooperate with the forces of Democracy and change in order to liberate the oppressed nationalities from under the Islamic regime of Iran.

Once more, I am grateful for this gathering and for the opportunity for us the representatives of all Iranian nationalities to come to together to work toward our common objective that is the liberation of our people, particularly the Kurds of Eastern Kurdistan.

Long Live Peace and Freedom, With Equality for All Nations.

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