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Friday 2021/03/05

We Will Never Surrender & the Victory will soon be ours (part 1) We Will Never Surrender & the Victory will soon be ours (part 1)

By: Steve Tataii
October 23, 2009

To: Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and your Colonial Militarist Masters:
You can kill us, bomb us, torture us, imprison us, tease us, assassinate us, ..., but we will never surrender we will fight you to the last drop of our blood you will never defeat us you will all die try before our Final Victory or make peace with us if you are not a shortsighted fool Kurdistan has been our homeland for 12,000 years “WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER” and your aggression must completely stop.

I wrote this outlined Reality In Recognition of the current “Qasedine Ashti” (the Messengers of Peace), who have traveled from Maxmur, Qandil, and Europe to Turkey for Peace Talks and solutions to North Kurdistan (South East of Turkey) in their 89 years of wars, heavy handed suppression and denied Kurdish National Rights, which has stemmed from an anti-Kurd rotten old Turkish Constitution, promulgated in an era, when Turkey under Ataturk committed Genocides, Mass killings, Imprisonments, and have caused nearly 1.5 million Kurdish deaths, and destruction of more than 20 thousands Kurdish Villages since 1915, while even as we speak Kurdish villages, and Kurdish territory are being bombed, and Turkish Soldiers’ assaults against Kurdish civilians there, and incursions into South Kurdistan, which was just approved for another year by Ankara’s Parliament, continues against international laws of state-state borderline respect, as Kurdish Liberation Army continues to call for ceasefires since 2003, and demand for a political solution rather than a military one.

Constant recommendations have been made not only by Kurdish Leaders everywhere, but many European, and World’s Leaders, and even by President Obama in his speeches; to use Political Solutions, and not military use to end Kurd-Turk Conflicts. I have personally suggested the creation of two Federal States of Kurdistan and Turkistan, each Governed by their own ethnic peoples, and put an end to wars, and bloody conflicts since 1923.

For your questions or to set up lecture series or meetings with Steve Tataii on this vital & other critical human rights matters effecting all citizens inside of Turkey and Kurdistan; please write to: [email protected] To see the 3 book covers, and read selected pages go to: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Steve+Tataii&x=11&y=23

Steve Tataii is a Kurdish Scholar, former US Senator Candidate, the author of 3 recent books on Iraq War related to Kurds, and Kurdistan, a longtime contributing writer for Kurdish News Websites, and other media, a Linguist of more than 6 languages, and an Independent Conflict Resolution Consultant.

Published: 2010-06-01 17:59:36
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