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Friday 2021/03/05

International Day of Peace . by Arif Bawecani International Day of Peace

Today 21.09 was the UN International Day of Peace, but it`s quite the opposite for Kurds. thousands of Kurds from the west Kurdistan lives under Syrian control. Because of the IS attack, many Kurds have left their villages and went to northern Kurdistan, under Turkish control. hundreds of Kurds from Eastern Kurdistan (under Iranian control) is in jail and awaiting the death penalty. Thousands Kurdish Yazidi in south Kurdistan lives under tents and stays in school classrooms because of the IS attack. In total there were many thousand Kurds killed in Kurdistan, in 2014 because of IS terrorism attack.

It`s been over 500 years since Kurdistan was divided between the occupied countries. When will the Kurds have peace? When can we have a year off without war or problems from other occupations and terrorist groups.


Arif Bawecani
Leader of the Party Serbesti Kurdistan.

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Published: 2014-09-22 02:42:56
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