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Saturday 2021/02/27

the world must remember that what makes Kurdish Peshmerga the world must remember that what makes Kurdish Peshmerga today Kobani, the fight for peace in the world.
from Arif Bawecani.

Peshmerga still fighting to not let Isis enter Kobani city. they have decided to make sure Kobani or to die in Kobani. It is not difficult for Turkey and the world to support the Kurds and Kobani today in the urgent situation. Turkey often talk about peace between them and the Kurds, but Kobani situation Turkey showed their hate for the sake Kurds again in history, and showed his plan that Turkey is against peace.
Turkey cooperates with the major terrorist group in the world against the Kurds. I believe that USA, Europe and all democratic countries must track Turkey, where is your democratic process?
and I hope that never Kurds believe in peace agreements from the Occupied countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. we had many story examples from these countries, Kobani is the latest examples.


Published: 2014-10-07 13:02:15
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