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Monday 2021/03/01

A little about the PSK Throughout history, the Kurdish nation has been subjected to massacres and
persecution by Arabs and other Muslims, and have never received equal rights from the populations who suppressed and discriminated them. We established therefore, on February 17th 2006, the PSK  an organization that today has thousands of members in East Kurdistan, in addition to other Kurds who secretly support the us from their locations in the US and Europe.

The Kurds, wherever they live in the world, are part of the same, culturally wealthy Kurdish nation, and we do not recognize borders that divide Kurdistan. The struggle of our Party is concentrated on East Kurdistan, an area under dominion of the Iranian occupation regime. The PSK will spare no effort to expel Iranian soldiers from East Kurdistan with the goal of establishing a democratic,

A little about the PSK
1The PSK is a democratic party with peaceful intentions. It is a political party for all Kurds who believe and hope for an independent Kurdistan. The Party is nonpartisan with regards to religion, ideology and way of life.
2. The PSK fights for the rights of Kurds as defined by the United Nations Charter. Because Iran suppresses the Kurds, the PSK will oppose the Iranian regime.
3. The PSK seeks, as a first step, to establish an independent state in East Kurdistan.
4. The PSK supports cooperation between all Kurdish political parties in East Kurdistan in order to bring peace to the Kurdish people being oppressed by the Iranian regime.
5. The PSK is in contact with human rights organizations abroad.
6. PSK respects all peoples of the world who fight for their rights, especially those who live under the yoke of Islamic regimes.
7. PSK will persist in bringing awareness of Kurdish suffering to the world and to alleviate our circumstance.
8. PSK will distribute information about Kurdistan including ethnic and geographic data, while stressing that Kurds make up a majority of the population.
9. PSK will support refugees from East Kurdistan who find themselves separated from their country.
10. PSK is a democratic party that represents the true wishes and aspirations of the Kurdish people in East Kurdistan in establishing a free and independent Kurdistan in the area now occupied by Iran. The Kurds have proven that, under areas of Kurdish control, the precepts of human rights and democracy find favor. These precepts have become tangible in the flourishing Kurdish controlled areas of northern Iraq since the process of the democratization of Iraq began.
11. PSK has respect and sympathy for refugees and ethnic groups who find themselves in bleak conditions, and will support them.
12. PSK maintains an internet website in Kurdish, Norwegian, English and Persian. Its address is: www.psk2006.org
13. PSK is willing to use armed elements to expel the Iranian occupiers.
14. PSK stands by womens rights and will strive to educate concerning womens rights by means of media seminars, conferences etc.
15. PSK views the Middle East as a region in a state of war. The State of Israel and the Kurds have common enemies and many areas we can build mutual cooperation.
16. PSK has developed a network of friends and supporters throughout Kurdistan and, importantly, including government employees in numerous Iranian cities.
17. Our network accesses useful information from a wide-range of fields and regions, including regions throughout Iran.
18. The PSK party election in 2006 chose Aref Ahmadi as Party leader.

PSK is an international, unarmed party located in East Kurdistan in Iran. Already following several weeks of activity, the PSK received thousands of inquiries from Kurds who wanted to join. Thousands support the PSK in places such as Europe, the US, Australia and Kurdistan.

Published: 2009-12-01 11:21:18
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